Fall 1988 – River North, Billy's father's home studio, Chicago

  • I Fall
  • Under Your Spell
  • Armed To The Teeth
  • Break (My Dahlia)
  • Bleed
  • Screaming
  • Death of a Mind (Sun)
  • Holiday
  • My Eternity

About 12 songs were recorded by Billy and James, using a drum machine.  "My Dahlia" was at this time titled "Break"; "Sun" was called "Death of a Mind" and featured an alternate chorus. "There It Goes" and "Under Your Spell" were both included on the unofficial 1994 box set Mashed Potatoes.  "I Fall" was included as a filler track on the Ignoffo Tape bootleg.  "My Eternity" and "There It Goes" appeared on a booking demo tape given to Joe Shanahan of The Metro, dated around September 1988. 

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