Fall 1991 – Billy’s apartment, Chicago

Acoustic home demo. While a new remix appears on the Siamese Dream Remaster, the original mix can be found the unofficial Mashed Potatoes box set. "Luna" was apparently written in September 1991 while in the UK.

Billy Corgan: Written in a hotel room in London on a three week stay. We come early for the press, and the powers that be figure it's cheaper to have us sit ans wait than to fly us home, only to return. I am in love with someone that doesn't love me. My songs are better than hers. This is my way to prove a point not work making. I lean my back up against the wall of my room, pushing my spine up straight. My guitar has been painted day-glo at the hands of a sweet madman. I sing a love song in an empty room. It is for the moon. It can never be for the one you love.[1]

  1. Billy Corgan, Siamese Dream Remaster liner notes, November 2011

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