February 1997 - Chicago Recording Company

Produced by Billy Corgan; Engineered by Chris Shepard

The Pumpkins with Matt Walker recorded a set of roughly 30 demos for Adore, intended to be a Bob Dylan-inspired live-in-the-studio session. The album version of "Annie-Dog" as well as the b-side "Once In A While" comes from these sessions. The band also supposedly recorded about 45 minutes worth of demos for the Batman soundtrack, probably also done at this session; "Guns of Love Disastrous" and "The Ether's Tragic" are probably from this session as well. While all this session appeared in remixed form on the Adore Remaster, the original mixes leaked as a bootleg in 1999.

Billy Corgan: James, D’arcy, and I go in to Chicago Recording Company with Matt Walker on drums, and over about 3-4 days quickly lay down some of my new tunes…(the Adore album version of “Annie-dog” is recorded live in these sessions, as is the first run thru of “for Martha” without the lyrics)…James and D’arcy and Matt play really great (we record live), and seem to like and appreciate the new songs…the lack of any outside pressures, the laid back atmosphere, seem to suit everyone’s mood and we are optimistic that this is going to be a quicker, less painful album to make (my original estimate was it would take all of 6 weeks to record Adore-Mellon Collie had taken 8 months)…buoyed by the latest work, I make plans to start the album “for real”…I want everything to be recorded live, or if not totally live, be done really quickly…I am inspired by Bob Dylan’s approach from the 1960’s where you just when in and did your songs really fast (1 or 2 takes)…I tell myself this is what has been missing from the band, this sense of freedom and spontaneity…[1]

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