June 1996 - Bugg Studios, Chicago

Produced by James Iha and Kerry Brown

Various James Iha b-side sessions. While "A Night Like This" was recorded in June along with the other The Aeroplane Flies High covers, "The Bells" seems to have been a Mellon Collie outtake which James slowly completed on over time.

James Iha on "A Night Like This": This is one of my favorite Cure songs, but in doing a cover we always tryed to change something about it. I decided to make it a slow, acoustic dirge with different drum feels for each part instead of a straight beat through the whole song. There's also a cello, which gives it a gothic feel. At the end it sorta rocks out with some Big Muff and Neil Young & Crazy Horse kind of rhythm guitars.

James Iha on "The Bells": I wrote "The Bells" two or three years ago, and each instrument was seemingly recorded about six or seven months apart-not really on purpose, but just as a demo that kept growing. I recorded the acoustic guitars at my old apartment, and then after I moved, I recorded Eric Remschneider's cello part in my basement. Then, for this single, I had another friend, Adam Schlesinger (of Fountains of Wayne and Ivy), play piano, and then D'Arcy and I did the vocals. I like the song because it is very simple but has a twist in the time signatures-sort of in the Nick Drake style.[1]

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