March 15-16 1994 - Gravity Studios, Chicago

Produced by Billy Corgan; Engineered by Doug McBride


The band booked time at Gravity Studios mid-way through the Siamese Dream Tour to record demos for their upcoming double album. All tracks were instrumentals with the exception of "Bullet with Butterfly Wings", which included a half-hearted scratch vocal. This session was the source for a number of the Pastichio Medley tracks: "Blast", "Jackboot", "Lucky Lad", "So So Pretty", "Disconnected", "Weeping Willowly" and "With Longing".  Most of the tracks also feature extremely early working titles, some simply titled as their chord progression.  While a number of the Gravity Session recordings were featured on 2013 The Aeroplane Flies High box set, an even greater number remain unreleased and can be found on bootlegs. 

When we were still in the middle of the Siamese Dream touring, I booked us into a local Chicago studio to just put all of our ideas down on tape, without censorship of opinions, etc. "Tonight" was one of those ideas, but it was originally in the key of C instead of G. The only problem was I couldn't sing it in C, so I figured out the version on Mellon Collie to suit my limited range.[1]

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