March 1996 – Charing Cross Studios, Australia

Produced by Billy Corgan and Martin White

Basic tracks recorded in Australia, while on tour.  The final recording session with Jimmy before his firing; ominously Jonathon Melvoin was present but did not perform.  Further overdubs were recorded later in Chicago.  They were mixed, along with Eye, at Chung King Studios by Neil Perry.


Billy Corgan on "The Aeroplane Flies High (Turns Left, Looks Right)": A brief snippet of this tune, which was originally entitled "Disconnected," is found in the "Pastichio Medley." This is a Mellon Collie riff that I could never seem to find a place for. Flood didn't like this one much ("too heavy metal"-a common complaint), and I never finished it until right before it was recorded. Essentially a new song with an old riff, with spoken word bits courtesy of my friend. The solo, funnily enough, was quickly thrown down because I had to go to a funeral. It was supposed to be a reference for where to pick up when I came back. But when I returned, I was surprised by how much I liked it.

Billy Corgan on "The Last Song": This is the only B-side written entirely after Mellon Collie was completed; I always seem to write a little burst of songs in the momentum of finishing an album (see "Drown"). I thought for a while about holding this song for our next record, but in the end I decided that it was so in the spirit of Mellon Collie that it was best served as an extra track. I never intended to have a guitar solo, but my father was hanging out with me at the studio, so I asked him to play on it. Every time I hear this song, I burst with pride to hear my father's great, and very influential to me, guitar playing.

Billy Corgan on "Transformer": Flood thought that "Transformer" was almost like a novelty song. But I always like that crazy-go-go beat. Recorded in Sydney, Australia, and Chicago, this song has about nine rhythm guitars, all playing the same three notes. Also, many of the guitars were sampled out and destroyed going back in.[1]

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