Sept 8, 1991 - Maida Vaile Studios, London

Produced by Dale Griffin

Recording sessions for famed British DJ John Peel.


Billy Corgan: from our slightly infamous john Peel session. we of course showed up expectin to meet John peel, but it's not like that at all. we were 2 hours late due to some technicak misunderstanding-- but we e we were treated so poorly by thi by this idiot who used to be the drummer from mott ehs upple that it is probably *1 on our all time worst experiences list. this was originally recorded by the animals roughly around the time that Jimi hendrix went to england to become... well you catch my drift. vented thru to many years of out and out riffdom, this still sounds powerful to my jaded ears, i mean we meant it back then,, but that was long agoe. but that was long a go-o, so now listen hear, i want to be so oh so clear si so we only ended up recording 3 songs that day(siva and smiley too) becuase it was oh so uptight, but i'm glad we did tolerate that mott the nipple that day even though i don't think we would now.[1]

Billy Corgan: recorded for our first bbc session, we were led like lambs to the slaughter by a bored ex-rock star (who was assigned to us as session producer) and his chief assistant (a cockney who hated our too-loud sound). we were mocked for asking any question, and each and every request to change a sound was met with a fake turning of the knobs; to which i yelled "do you think i'm deaf and can't hear you haven't done anything?" the upside from this charade was that in anger we played with ferocious might; one of the few documents we have in studio that captures the way we were meant to destroy music and each other be exalting in its ad infinitum power. [2]

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