Spring 1991 – Rehearsal Demos, Chicago

8-track demos that all date from this period, although exact recording information is unknown.  "Wave Song" was written and sung by James and can be found on the Mashed Potatoes unofficial box set, as well as "STP".

Billy Corgan: [Rocket], the first song written for Siamese Dream, and for a time, the only good new song we had, which we played on the Gish tours. I had never bothered to take the time to write any formal lyrics, so I would just fake my way through them at each show. No one could hear what I was singing anyway, but the title was enough. The arrangement still sounds fresh so many years along, and watch as it all ends with a beautiful, cascading up; the boom-boom of our ship taking off. It stands as a poem to the past that has just left us behind. We are going places fast! And we can't get there fast enough. Don't forget to bring your fresh nails for the crosses hidden up on the dark side of the moon.[1]

Billy Corgan: [Silverfuk], an endless jam that we beat into submission, using the club crowds as test dummies for what needs to be a ever-infinite magnum opus. We are inspired by a date we play in Minneapolis by a UK band called Thee Hypnotics, who play a thirty minute encore that goes on for so long that the club cuts the power, yet the band refuses to stop. One can only find these hidden realms by pushing past the bounds of time and expectation. Eventually this song will stretch in 45 minutes, driving half the crowd for the exists. Managers warn that this song alone is costing us t-shirt sales. I end the song by breaking every string off with my bare hands. We are all fucked. It doesn't matter what t-shirt you are wearing when you figure that out. [2]

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