Spring 1992 - Billy's apartment, Chicago

Billy Corgan home demos.  While Soothe is the acoustic track included on Pisces Iscariot, this electric Frail & Bedazzled demo most likely dates from this time, as the structure resembles the band version recorded at Soundworks, which would later be revised in November. 

Billy Corgan: recorded in me bedroom at my old apartement. you can hear te 7am buses slithering by. i used to go to sleep in the flanging car noises. the hiss that we had missed. i really only wanted this to be for me. but my friend said "i don't think you can improve on that. so i left it be. a song for my babies. children of the earth and such. i wanted to put this on siamese dream but i wimped out. shoulda coulda kinda didn't but i love it anyhow, makes me cry.[1]

Billy Corgan: i woke up on this one and headed straight for my guitar, writing and recording it down the moment it was done. part of the reason this snapshot works for me is it is the rare song captured at the moment of conception, and not in its far later, intellectually altered simulacra. i was sharing an apartment at this time with an unrepentant hippie, who liked his krautrock in the mornings after we'd tripped the night. perhaps this is a reaction to the way he liked to come back down?[2]

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