Summer 1989 – Reel Time Studios, Chicago

Produced by Billy Corgan; Engineered & mixed by Mark Ignoffo

  • Waiting For You Now
  • Fat Man Blues
  • Bleed
  • She (abandoned)
  • Vanilla
  • My Dahlia (abandoned)
  • A Trip Unto Bountiful (Waiting)
  • Sun (abandoned)
  • Stray Cat Blues
  • I Am One Part II

This session was booked to record live-only favorites such as Razor and I Am My End.  Unfortunately Jimmy didn't show up and, since the studio time was prepaid, it morphed into an acoustic session.  This was noted as a sloppy session with many false starts. D'Arcy was present but did not perform. While Vanilla appeared on the Pisces Iscariot 2012 Remaster, the rest of the session leaked as a bootleg sourced from a DAT of unmastered final mixes that belonged to Mike Potential. 

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